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Oasis Development Corporation


Oasis Development Corporation (ODC) is a community based non-profit organization established to provide services which improve the quality of life, creates avenues of self empowerment and provides services that assist the residents of Camden in rebuilding a safe, vibrant and thriving communities.

This will be our goal for re-establishing Camden City and the urban center for the South Jersey surrounding area.


Oasis Development Corporation (ODC) is dedicated to building strong individuals and families, which is a vital in building and maintaining strong communities.  We will provide a basic foundation on the principles and practices of community commitment, participation for cooperative improvement and maintenance of human capital.  Oasis Development Corporation will enable thousands of families and children in Camden to experience the highest quality of life deserved.  The Oasis Development Corporation will provide the following:

We believe the services; programs and activities provided by ODC are essential and will provide a vital building block that is needed in order to continue to maintain a viable and thriving community.
Oasis Development Corporation was founded and established in 1998.  The Corporation name derived from a biblical faith based scripture found in Psalms 1;3, ("and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in his season; his leaf shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper").  This has been the vision through the eyes of  the Oasis founders.  Pastor Willie and Bernadette Anderson of the Sword Of The Spirit Christian Center.  The trees planted by the rivers of water represents the Camden City communities that thrive and grow and reproduce harvest.  We see the people who make up these communities becoming educated, self empowered and given a sense of hope that they too can have the highest quality of life deservedly so needed.


As Pastors Willie and Bernadette ministered to the church and communities in Camden, they began to identify many urgent and immediate needs from the people that were willing to dedicate and broaden their vision to include not only working with the church community, but also working with the city, state, federal government and other profit and or non-profit organizations to better serve their community.

Oasis Development Corporation will serve as an avenue to be used to help Camden residents rebuild and restore their neighborhoods and district communities.


We believe that ODC will play a vital role in the recovery of our City.  We accept our responsibility to address social problems in a bold and creative manner to that develops a plan that works to the manifestation of quality of life for all.

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